Inspiration Week 3


Attitude Week 3

Have you ever noticed how you can have a very different reaction to certain events than others.  Think about specific holidays like Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day.  Your attitude will be affected by the meaning you attach to these events.  For example Valentine’s Day… whether you have been hurt in the past by someone you love, or are sharing the day with that special person can influence your attitude about Valentine’s Day.  Events, people and things are neutral, that is they are neither positive nor negative, good nor bad.  They just are. It is our thoughts, feelings and actions – our attitude towards them that determines the meaning they have for us.

Our attitudes comes from within us.  They are formed from our past experiences, the environment that surrounded us, significant events and our personal perception and they become habits.  Although we often let our habitual attitudes guide our life, we don’t always like the result we get.  So how do we change our attitude?

Action Step

The first step in changing an attitude is to become aware of them. Think about 3 results you are getting in your life that you do not like.

What is the attitude, that is the thoughts feelings and actions, that happen when you get this result.

For example:

My unwanted result:   the garage is too full

My attitude:     

Thought: We have too much stuff and no where to put it     

Feeling: I feel overwhelmed     

Action: I do nothing

My unwanted result:   I am always late

My attitude: 

Thought:  I will just do one more thing before I go 

Feeling:  anxiety – now I am going to be late 

Action: rushing to my appointment

Now do the same for your unwanted results.

Next time we will look at a method we teach to change results