Key Results 

Improved Communication

Conflict Resolution Skills

Strengthened Bonds

Your relationship as a couple is the bedrock,

the very foundation, of your family.

Bridging the Gap

Communication challenges lie at the core of most relationship issues, and without effective communication, the foundation of the relationship crumbles.

Unresolved conflicts: When disagreements arise, you struggle to express your viewpoints calmly and listen to each other's perspectives. This can lead to arguments escalating, with neither of you feeling heard or understood.

Assumptions and misinterpretations: Without clear communication, you misinterpret each other's intentions or make assumptions about your spouse's thoughts and feelings. This can create unnecessary tension and misunderstandings.

Avoidance: You avoid difficult conversations altogether, fearing confrontation or rejection. This avoidance can lead to pent-up resentment and emotional distance over time.

What is the solution?

Learn how to recognize and work through your triggers and become clear on your values and beliefs you bring into your relationship


The F.U.S.E. programs offer numerous benefits for couples looking to strengthen their relationship:

Accountability & Motivation

Couples receive ongoing support, encouragement, and accountability, helping them stay motivated and committed to making positive changes in their relationship

Expert Guidance

We offer valuable insights and strategies for improving communication, resolving conflicts, and deepening intimacy.

Practical tools & techniques:

Couples learn practical tools and techniques they can apply in their daily lives to enhance their communication skills, build trust, and foster a deeper connection with each other.


Rick and Leisa Olson, in creating the FUSE programme, are addressing an issue that is seriously affecting western society, that of the disintegrating family. FUSE is a powerful instrument in strengthening families and creating a sense of self worth and identity for future generations. Each family member feeling that they have real worth and are integral components of not only the family but society as well.

Kim Stedman

Author / entrepreneur

Perth Australia

Rick and Leisa… you just exploded with one very focused and solid idea.  Never before have I seen the power of such clarity and focus in action.   You basically took a good idea that was huge (and seemed impossible to me) and steadily made it clear, real and manageable.  I was amazed not only as your project took shape, but I came to realize that your project must succeed because you are the kind of people who would run a family center.   I now understand what follow through means and how it builds the person.

Michael Graff, Quantum Yoga,  Baltimore, Maryland  “Success Unlimited Mastermind”

You just can't miss with Leisa and Rick.  No one has more passion, vision and persistence than these wonderful people.  If you want your family to be all it can be - close, mature, peaceful, loving and of service to your community - grab this book and FUSE!

Barbara Arnold Herzer B.S.C.M.E., R.N., L.M.T.

President, Body by Design

Wellness and Massage Clinic, Inc.

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