How Do We Help?

  • We help you unify, strengthen and empower your relationship
  • We give you the tools and techniques to deal with change in your relationship
  • We help you find the purpose in your relationship

F.U.S.E. programs have an established system to help create Phenomenal Family Awareness. 

We help families to unify, strengthen and empower their relationship.

This gives you a clear idea of why you are a family, of why you chose to marry and have children.This creates a strong connectedness between the two of you and joy begins to return to the conversation.

This creates a sense of fulfillment and purpose which spills over into every aspect of your life. Defining your mutual purpose, who you choose to be, do, and have, intensifies your relationship and strengthens the unity.

What does it look like living your PURPOSE?

This is your Vision. You create your purpose and vision together as a couple/family.  When you write out what it looks like living your purpose and combine it with goals, it helps you bring your Vision to life.

This becomes the strategy to help you make decisions as you move through the constant changes of life.

Peace and calm that is reinforced with happiness and love helps you and your family find an abundance of fun and enjoyment in your life together; A life based on clarity and shared direction. Together you create a system that helps you to communicate more effectively as a couple and family.

How do we help you make better decisions?

We teach you the various concepts involved in our programs. We teach about the Circle of Responsibility, the C.O.R. Person (Stickperson), the Wall of Opposition and more. This enables you to know what you want in your relationship and the boundaries of your joint C.O.R., and helps you make better choices in your relationship.

With a clear direction of where you are headed, your family can easily make decisions using a few important questions that are driven from your purpose and vision.

  • Is this what I/We really want?
  • Is it in harmony with who I/We choose to be, do and have?

Will it move me/us to the fulfillment of our vision and purpose?

The answers to these questions help you to develop clarity and confidence in your marriage and in each other.

How do we give you what you need?

Most couples live in relationships without understanding the need for setting clear boundaries and expect to have the ‘happily ever after’ without doing the work. We help you do the work to keep your marriage strong and resilient. What is the ‘work’?

We show you a step by step process to clarity of who you choose to be, do and have. Then help you explore and understand what ‘Attitude’ is all about.


We have found that once a couple can decide on what it is that they want to accomplish in their life, or the Legacy they want to leave behind, creating a Purpose, Vision, Goals or Intentions together strengthens their relationship. It helps them communicate understanding during times of change, tragedy, difficulties or challenges.

This is what gives you, as a couple, greater confidence to face the unknown. It empowers you to face challenges and quests that ultimately bring your family together. You begin to experience memorable adventures and gain trust in one another.

How do we make your life easier?

We provide you with a framework and a structure for your relationship. This framework guides you through a process that defines your purpose and creates a boundary for your relationship.

With a purpose you know where you are going and how to make the right decisions.

We know that having a ‘Why’ together as a family is a powerful strategy to help with communication. It helps everyone to be able to see the big picture and move forward with faith in the process.

Peace in the family is reinforced by understanding, knowledge of new skills and the wisdom to use that knowledge. This foundation builds patience, trust and creates a calm environment for your family.

We believe and teach that having a ‘Coach’ to guide you and a systematic approach to family life is important to the success of your marriage and relationship. We encourage families to meet each week to plan together and to find 5 minutes each day to connect, listen and value each other.

How do we make you smile?

A 20 second hug.

How is this hug different? Well it’s a heart to heart hug. As you relax into the hug you breath into the feeling of the embrace for at least 20 seconds. The value of a long hug is good even for the most uncomfortable soul.

Besides this warm connection we know that giving service to others as a family strengthens family bonds. It creates contentment and adventure that leads to trust and understanding.

Having a plan and purpose for your family means knowing where you are headed and being able to overcome challenges and difficulties together.

Valuing one another and celebrating each individual family members’ uniqueness and gifts leads to unity, love and respect

Sharing fun times together and purposefully creating memories together become the highlights of your family life.


Remember: Speak Kindly - Hugg Often - Love Fully

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