We connect parents and children with their purpose so that a family can transform from ordinary to phenomenal and live the life of their dreams

Rick and Leisa Olson

F.U.S.E. Family Coaches

F.U.S.E. Family Coaches Rick and Leisa Olson, parents to 6 daughters and grandparents to 10+ grandchildren, are the experts for helping parents Unify, Strengthen and Empower their family. F.U.S.E. family programs teach the importance of taking responsibility for your thoughts feelings and actions, or Attitude, and guide families to an awareness of their purpose together as a family.

As part of the group of founding members of the World Wide Shoppers Club, Rick and Leisa saw the vision of what the club could do not only for communities but also for families. Seeing the club’s need for merchants, Rick and Leisa created Power of Purpose Academy and offer programs to help individuals become clear on what they really want and how to achieve it to experience greater success in all areas of life. They have kept the prices low and the rebate percentage high to make it as easy as possible for club members to qualify each month and move into the higher rebate pools.